New Jersey born and bred, Joey Brennan has lived just about everywhere and done just about everything. As a road-tested drummer from the late '60s on, he constantly found himself surrounded by incredible musicians and environments.

Invite him in for a cup of tea - liquor is no longer the beverage of choice in his mid 60s - and he'll spend hours regaling you with his memories of Jimi Hendrix, his band with future members of the Vanilla Fudge, his shows at the Boston Tea Party or in Europe or Brazil, the times he opened for Ted Nugent or Billy Joel or Aretha Franklin, or the years he spent on a houseboat in the Sausalito Artist Community.

There aren't enough pages for this guy's comprehensive professional curriculum vitae, but because he can't have tea with everyone, we've encapsulated some of the high points - and the really high points - here. Today, Joe once again calls New Jersey his home, and he is once again making music with a talented crop of friends. He wants you to hear his new songs and enjoy them.

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